Tumor-specific immune co-stimulation in a single, transferable, conditionally active design

Right Place at the Right Time

With PROgrammed Tumor Engagement and Checkpoint/Co‑stimulation Targeting, our ProTECT™ technology delivers multifunctional tumor-specific activity while simultaneously enhancing immune modulation through the conditional activity of a natural immunomodulatory pair such as PD-1/PD-L1.

Therapeutics utilizing ProTECT™ have limited exposure and activity in normal healthy tissue, avoiding on-target, off-tumor toxicities. Once in the tumor microenvironment, proteases cleave and release one half of the functional block. This activates both the targeting antibody and the immunomodulatory function when and where it is needed.

How It Works

ProTECT™ can change and stop how cancer cells communicate, use, or hide from your immune system to grow.

  • Functional activity is blocked in normal tissue to avoid on-target, off-tumor toxicities and improve pharmacokinetics
  • Tumor-specific proteases cleave and release the blocking half of the immunomodulatory pair
  • Both the targeting antibody and the remaining immunomodulatory checkpoint inhibitor become active
  • The resulting activated multifunctional therapeutic enables immune modulation in concert with antigen binding to enhance potency
  • Overall increase in therapeutic window through selective tumor activity and enhanced potency

How We Differ

ProTECT™ is the first conditionally active antibody technology that simultaneously addresses both ends of the therapeutic window, potentially reducing toxicity and increasing antitumor activity.

Unique features of ProTECT™:

  • Tumor-specific activity via conditional blocking to reduce systemic toxicities
  • Upon tumor-restricted processing, unlocks checkpoint modulation to enhance efficacy in the tumor
  • Unique geometry contributes to enhanced immune cell activation
  • Increased avidity and target engagement with multispecific binding
  • Plug and play: Blocking approach is transferable with minimal engineering to apply to different targets