The foundation to how we build and design multi-functional and unique antibodies

Create novel mechanisms of action through unique binding.

Azymetric™ is a heterodimeric antibody technology that gives us the ability to engineer, screen, and effectively choose the optimal geometry and valency for our targeted treatments. These customized therapeutic antibodies are engineered to simultaneously bind to multiple distinct locations on a target or to multiple targets, resulting in unique mechanisms of action not accessible through typical monospecific antibodies.

Azymetric™ antibodies can block multiple signaling pathways, recruit immune cells to tumors, enhance receptor clustering and internalization, and increase tumor-specific targeting. Our other technologies can all combine with Azymetric™ to engineer the antibody backbone of a bispecific antibody-drug conjugate or the base of a multispecific therapeutic, to overcome known therapeutic barriers resulting in best-in-class bi-specifics and trispecifics.

How It Works

The core of the Azymetric™ therapeutic platform consists of proprietary amino acid modifications in the heavy and light chains of an IgG-like antibody that enable the transformation of monospecific (single target) antibodies into multispecific antibodies that have alternative target binding formats (e.g. Fabs, scFvs, and VHHs). Engineering the optimal geometry allows for the antibody to simultaneously bind to multiple distinct locations on one or more targets.

Azymetric™ antibodies can be customized to enhance therapeutic activity through our proprietary complementary technologies. This foundational antibody is compatible with glyco-engineering, other Fc fusions and modifications, including our EFECT™ technology, as well as with our ProTECT technology, T Cell engager technology: TriTCE co-stim and TriTCE checkpoint technology (TriTCE CPI), and antibody-drug conjugate technologies.

How We Differ

Flexibility of Azymetric™ enables extensive screening of antibodies based on valency, geometry, and affinity to generate multispecifc antibodies:

  • Biparatopics/Bispecifics
  • Trivalent/Trispecifics
  • Multispecifics (with more than 3 specificities)

Azymetric™ antibodies possess the desirable drug-like features of naturally occurring antibodies, including:

  • Long serum half-life and high stability
  • Ability to mediate effector function
  • Low immunogenicity risk

Azymetric™ antibodies are compatible with standard manufacturing processes with high yields and purity.

  • Use conventional antibody purification and manufacturing processes
  • Rapidly screen target and sequence combinations for bispecific activities in the final therapeutic