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Business Development

The business of science is about connecting amazing ideas, people and technology – that’s what we do. 

By establishing strategic industry and academic collaborations through partnering and the in- and out-licensing of technologies and therapeutic assets, and by providing guidance for R&D commercialization, we help shape new possibilities for all of us.

Business Operations & Office Services

The go-to team for day-to-day and long-term operations both in our office and lab space, we act as a guide to ensure that departments work together effectively and help to determine the best course of strategic action that fit Zymeworks’ mission and values.

The Operations team collaborates with other departments and is integral in maintaining operational consistency as “One Zymeworks”. Our leadership role in operational strategy and process design includes capacity analysis, facilities planning, inventory control and corporate engagement.

Working closely with Operations, the Office Services and Lab Operations teams represent our company on the front line providing day-to-day support to employees. These teams bring company values to life in every aspect, ensuring a great work environment and working to maximize employee productivity and happiness. 

Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs
The world is a big place, and it’s our job to develop and execute regulatory strategies that register and market Zymeworks’ novel therapies throughout the global market. We’re a team that thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments, as we’re constantly navigating the shifting landscape of legislation, guidelines and regulatory intelligence across all regions where Zymeworks plans to distribute its products.

Clinical Program Management
We are the shepherds that guide Zymeworks’ assets to patients, starting with development and candidate selection, moving to clinical trials and finally through to commercialization. Along the way, we work with Zymeworks’ functional leads to align strategic plans, timelines, and corporate (including alliance) governance.

Clinical Operations
The Clinical Operations team is responsible for planning and executing global clinical trials (Phase I-IV) with the ultimate goal of bringing safe and effective therapeutic options to patients. In this process, we collaborate closely with our internal cross-functional teams, external vendors, corporate partners and healthcare providers to ensure data integrity and adherence to the International Council for Harmonization (ICH) and GCP guidelines.

Clinical Research
Our team is responsible for evaluating the safety and activity of experimental therapeutic agents in clinical trials. From first in human studies through phase 3 randomized trials, we direct the development of Zymeworks’ pipeline molecules into effective medicines for treating cancer and inflammatory disorders.

We revel in the wisdom found in data – the stories within the numbers that guide us in designing and analyzing clinical studies that help us understand how well a new treatment works. This means we spend our days on statistical design, data management, and clinical study analysis. Within our team, we specialize in electronic data capture through databases and forms, data cleaning, SAS programming and analysis, and study design.

Clinical Pharmacology
Our goal is to improve human health by using our expertise in biomarkers, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, translational informatics, and toxicology to understand the relationship between the drug and the human body. Our studies help us prioritize early clinical development candidates, understand the effects of drug usage in whole populations and advance drugs to marketing approval.

Corporate Affairs

Zymeworks is doing incredible things, and it’s our job to let everyone know about the exciting developments and achievements that we believe will change the world. With so much happening, there’s never a dull moment for our team as we engage with external and internal audiences to elevate Zymeworks’ brand and reputation as one of world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. We use a diverse array of channels to spread the word, including investor relations, media relations, product communications, social media, patient advocacy partnerships, and internal communications.


With a well-functioning and smoothly running Finance department, we are given the opportunity to make well-informed decisions. At Zymeworks, the Finance department is not only responsible for traditional governance activities like accounting, reporting and compliance, but also for strategic financial planning and providing sound financial insight and decision-making support to management.  We maintain the books and records, manage costs and ensure appropriate processes and controls are in place for prudent financial management.  Our team comprises of the following specialized groups:

  • Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) - responsible for budgeting, forecasting and analytics;
  • Accounting - responsible for payments, payroll, recording transactions and treasury management;
  • Financial Reporting - responsible for the preparation of financial statements and external reporting;
  • Taxation - responsible for tax planning, reporting, compliance and business support; and
  • Corporate Finance - responsible for capital investment decisions and providing finance structuring support for deals and agreements. 
Information Technology & Systems

The work we do every day impacts each and every person at Zymeworks. It’s our job to ensure that the technology that connects and powers Zymeworks runs smoothly and efficiently. Our proactive strategy is to be constantly evolving, which allows us to provide leading edge solutions which keep our systems secure and maintain business continuity.

Legal, Corporate Compliance & IP

In our world, details make the difference. Whether we’re inking partnership agreements, filing patents or guiding policies, we delve deep into our expertise to deliver strategies that empower Zymeworks in meeting its goals. Our team includes 3 specialties: 

We manage all Zymeworks’ legal activities, counsel the Board of Directors, senior management and employees, and provide leadership on business ethics. We handle corporate governance matters and public company reporting and disclosure requirements. We formulate strategy for, negotiate and draft business agreements with contract research organizations, manufacturers, suppliers and collaborators. In conjunction with Zymeworks’ business development team, we structure and implement major corporate transactions such as license agreements and joint research/development agreements.

We collaborate and partner with departments to identify and support initiatives to develop or enhance new or existing processes (non-FDA) to meet internal and external compliance or governance requirements. Examples of initiatives include supporting public company listing requirements for certification of internal control over financial reporting, learning and/or training initiatives to meet compliance to internal policies and procedures, protection of patient data privacy, guidance on policy development, development of templates and tools to enhance existing processes etc.

Intellectual Property
We manage all aspects of Zymeworks’ intellectual property. We identify patentable inventions by interacting with project teams and reviewing data in light of existing patents and other scientific literature; prepare and prosecute patent applications worldwide to protect Zymeworks’ inventions; ensure that trade secrets are documented and protected; identify and protect trademarks; counsel project teams on freedom to operate issues; and develop patent strategy for potential products. We’re typically involved at an early stage of a project through to commercialization.

Medical and Scientific Affairs

Our team is a vibrant and collaborative group that focuses on interactions with healthcare professionals, including thought leaders, researchers, medical staff, and managed care associates. Information sharing is reciprocal and Medical Affairs helps manage this flow. Our team ensures that Zymeworks has a full understanding of current clinical practice and how it may evolve based on outcomes from ongoing studies and the development of new therapeutics. We are also responsible for providing healthcare professionals with accurate, complete and balanced information about our investigational and approved products, ongoing and upcoming clinical studies, investigator-initiated research program, and current research interests.

Research & Early Development

Discovery Research
Our team, which includes Antibody Generation, Assay Development, Chemistry and Conjugation Chemistry, works closely with the Oncology, Protein Engineering and Translational Sciences departments to discover and develop new therapeutic candidates to fuel Zymeworks’ pipeline of potential.

Translational Sciences
We’re an interdisciplinary team responsible for evaluating drug effects in preclinical biological systems to inform the clinical development path and trial design. Our goal is to improve human health by using our expertise in biomarkers, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, translational informatics and toxicology to assess drug candidates during later preclinical development and to prioritize early clinical development candidates.

We discover and develop world-class patient-and-disease-focused therapies that will shape new possibilities for patients everywhere. Together with our colleagues in Technology, Discovery Research and Translational Sciences we incorporate innovative biotechnology platforms, interrogate novel biology and bring forward development candidates.

Research Project Management
There are many steps along the road to success: our team is responsible for tracking and supporting scientific projects throughout the early stage pipeline. We work with our cross-functional teams to move scientific activities forward using a structured approach to making day-to-day decisions.

We believe that to make any protein therapeutic possible, solutions should be rationally designed, close to nature and elegantly simple. By developing technology that can design multi-functional biologics capable of targeting and manipulating complex diseases, we can impact some of our most challenging medical problems. Our platforms combine leading edge approaches in structural biology, computational modeling, simulation and bioinformatics to engineer next-gen therapeutics for patients in need.

Supply Chain

To build better biologics, Zymeworks sources and manufactures material within the global supply ecosystem. Our team works closely with logistics vendors to maintain the uninterrupted supply of materials across all stages of development, from R&D through to the Clinic. We manage the global supply chain and have oversight on international import and export compliance to ensure quality is maintained as well as timely delivery. As the company continues to grow, we strive for continuous process improvement, cost efficiencies and risk reduction.


Technical & Manufacturing Operations

The first step in providing potentially game changing therapeutics to patients enrolled in clinical trials around the world is making it and ensuring that patients and their physicians have ongoing access to a safe and stable drug supply that meets the stringent criteria of the FDA, Health Canada and other global regulators. This is where Technical and Manufacturing Operations comes in.

Human Resources

Zymeworks is about people and our Human Resources is all about creating an engaging environment by nurturing a healthy culture built on values. Human Resources works collaboratively to design and lead programs and services to hire, onboard, motivate, develop, support and retain our diverse innovative Zymeworks team.

Our company values guide us in developing and maintaining  programs and experiences that support our people whether they are just starting out in a career or growing their impact as seasoned professionals. Our programs, approaches and team create the scaffolding that enables our mission by engaging and supporting our people and their families. 

Current Job Opportunities

Diversity Statement

We come from many countries, cultures, races, ethnicities, abilities and nationalities. We bring our passions, including singing, biking, swimming, dancing, cooking, volunteering, parenting, coaching…and much more! We are proud of our nearly equal balance of men and women and strengthened by our non-binary and transgender team members. Everyone belongs.

We value the diversity of our Zymeworks team with women making up more than 50% of our organization.

Zymeworks Culture

Benefits & Perks

Nothing is more critical to our success than the quality of our team. And providing our employees with many opportunities to experience professional, personal, and financial growth is the surest way we know to stay at the leading edge of biologics development.

We offer a comprehensive compensation package, which includes competitive salaries, generous benefits, an outstanding work environment, and excellent opportunities for professional growth. We also regularly benchmark our compensation packages against leading biotechnology and high-tech companies to ensure that our team enjoys the most competitive benefits possible.

Financial Benefits

In addition to receiving competitive salary packages, employees at Zymeworks are also given the opportunity to share in the success of the company through our employee equity program. Extending options to all permanent employees of the company is one of the cornerstones of our compensation policy. Additionally, employees may participate in our employee stock purchase program, as well as a retirement savings program that includes a company match.

Finally, we understand the importance of recognizing top performance. The annual performance and salary review process at Zymeworks give us the opportunity to reward employees for their outstanding achievements.

Health Benefits

From their very first day on the job, our employees are eligible to enroll in our comprehensive health benefits plan. This plan includes medical and prescription drug coverage, vision care, and dental benefits. In addition, Zymeworks employees are covered by our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which provides employees with the help and resources necessary to deal with a range of personal or family issues, should the need arise. By providing our employees with the assurance of these benefits, we help to ensure that our employees enjoy good health, peace of mind, and the ability to balance the demands of life and work.


Zymelife Benefit
We recognize and appreciate the diversity of our employees and want to support them in their pursuit of fitness, personal development, and family fun. The Zymelife benefit allows employees to choose their own adventure, whether it is a gym membership, ski pass, cooking class or music lessons for themselves or anyone in their family.

Professional Development
Zymeworks encourages employees to seek out and develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help them grow professionally. Our professional development reimbursement policy allows employees to get reimbursed for up to 100% of the cost of seminars, conferences, and short-term courses.


To encourage and support activities that enhance and serve communities in which our staff live and work and to enrich the lives of our employees, Zymeworks encourages employees to participate in volunteer activities. Employees are paid their regular salary for up to five days per calendar year for volunteer work performed during regular business hours.

our values Zymeworks employees

innovate, act with integrity, collaborate, embrace diversity & care

“A great place to work with great people”

Summary:  If you are seeking a great place to work with great people in a balanced work-life culture, with an ultimate goal of healing people of cancer, then stop looking as Zymeworks is the place!  My advice to you is be yourself and work hard in preparing for your interview, as it is totally worth getting accepted by such a great company!

“The ZymeCares program allows me to give back to my community”

Zymeworks’ collaborative and supportive environment along with its deep community involvement made me more excited to join the Company. I volunteer with local health organizations in Seattle and appreciate that the ZymeCares program allows me to give back to my community.

“My input is valued”

“I like that the Company’s vision is to maintain an open and collaborative work environment and that my input is valued in helping to maintain and improve upon it. You need to be prepared to be innovative and to embrace an environment that truly puts principle above profit.” 

“It's exciting having the opportunity to work on complex problems”

It's exciting having the opportunity to work on complex problems and to learn novel methods and approaches to tackling these issues. As the company continues to grow and move more candidates in to the clinic, the company's continued dedication to preclinical research and discovery helps to motivate myself and other lab staff to tackle new challenges and validates the efforts we've put forth to get to where we are.