Zymelink™ Conjugation Platform + Cytotoxins

ZymeLink™ Conjugation Platform

The ZymeLink™ conjugation platform is a suite of novel protein site-specific conjugation technologies and customizable cleavable and non-cleavable linkers that is compatible with a variety of small molecule therapeutics. The ZymeLink™ platform ensures the production of homogeneous drug products while maintaining systemic stability and enabling the efficient release of its payload to target cells after internalization. For antibodies, the ZymeLink™ platform has been specifically designed to:

  • Impart homogeneity of the ADC (fixed drug-antibody ratios, or DARs)
  • Preserve antibody Fc effector function to facilitate the recruitment and activation of immune cells
  • Maintain antibody pharmacokinetics through FcRn engagement


Zymeworks is developing a series of proprietary cytotoxic payloads, spanning multiple classes, that possess highly potent anti-tumor activity against a broad range of cancer cell types. A key competitive advantage for these cytotoxins, together with the ZymeLink™ platform, is their exceptional anti-tumor efficacy and tolerability in vivo, resulting in the ADCs having a large therapeutic window.

Together, the ZymeLink™ conjugation platform and the proprietary cytotoxins are compatible with the Azymetric™ and EFECT™ platforms to enable the development of best-in-class, life-changing medicines for patients.