ZymeLink Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) Platform

ZymeLink™, a next-generation ADC platform, is a suite of proprietary cytotoxins (cell-killing compounds), stable linkers, and conjugation technologies. ZymeLink™ is compatible with traditional antibodies, proteins, and the Azymetric™ bispecific antibody platform, creating multifunctional therapeutics designed to overcome the limitations of existing ADCs.

ZymeLink™ antibody drug conjugates are designed to:

  • Closely resemble natural antibodies, with improved pharmacokinetics, stability, and cytotoxin exposure over alternative ADC technologies

  • Exhibit increased tolerability

  • Demonstrate a broad therapeutic window, a key competitive advantage over existing ADC platforms

  • Impart homogeneity of the ADC (fixed drug-antibody ratios, or DARs)

Zymeworks is developing diverse classes of proprietary cytotoxins with potent anti-tumor activity against a broad range of cancer cell types.  Innovative, stable linkers chemically attach cytotoxins to a variety of targeted therapeutics. Each linker is tailored to a specific cytotoxin to enable optimal safety and efficacy of the ADC.

Together, the ZymeLink™ ADC platform and the Azymetric™ bispecific antibody platform are designed for the development of best-in-class, life-changing medicines for patients.