Zymeworks has developed a number of proprietary platform technologies to enable the development of next-generation therapeutics. These platforms allow for the targeting of differentiated biological pathways leading to the internal and partnered development of novel therapies in a number of different indications. Our platform technologies include:

Bi-specific antibodies developed using the Azymetric™ platform resemble conventional mono-specific antibodies while being able to simultaneously bind to two different targets resulting in additive or synergistic therapeutic responses. Azymetric™ antibodies spontaneously assemble into a single molecule with two different Fab domains comprising of unique heavy and light chain pairings. Azymetric™ antibodies are manufactured using conventional monoclonal antibody processes and can also be easily adapted to rapidly screen target and sequence combinations for bi-specific activities in the final therapeutic format thereby significantly reducing drug development timelines.

The AlbuCORE™ platform is a novel and proprietary family of multi-valent scaffolds based on human serum albumin (HSA). AlbuCORE™ presents novel engineered amino and carboxyl termini to which other functional domains can be fused or chemically conjugated to form a multi-valent and multi-functional molecules. AlbuCORE™ retains native HSA-like pharmacokinetic and biophysical properties and is highly manufacturable.

The Effector Function Enhancement and Control Technology (EFECT™) platform is a library of antibody Fc modifications engineered to modulate the activity of the antibody-mediated immune response, which includes both the up and down-regulation of effector functions. This platform is compatible with traditional monoclonal as well as Azymetric™ bi-specific antibodies to further enable the customization of therapeutic responses for different diseases.

The ZymeLink™ conjugation platform and proprietary cytotoxins are a modular suite of site-specific conjugation technologies, customizable linkers, and proprietary cytotoxic payloads designed for the targeted delivery of therapeutics with optimal efficacy and safety profiles. Together, the ZymeLink™ conjugation platform and proprietary cytotoxins are compatible with traditional monoclonal antibodies and with the Azymetric™ (bi-specific) and AlbuCORE™ (multi-specific) platforms for the development of next-generation biotherapeutics.