Azymetric™ Platform

The Azymetric™ platform was developed as the best-in-class solution for the development of IgG-like, novel bispecific antibodies for the targeting of synergistic drug targets.

Azymetric™ bispecific antibodies retain the desirable features of typical monoclonal antibodies, including:

  • Standard manufacturing processes with comparable production yields
  • Long serum half-life
  • Ability to mediate effector function
  • Low immunogenicity risk

The Azymetric™ platform consists of a suite of proprietary, transferable, amino acid changes that can be introduced to generate bispecific IgG-like antibodies that bind two antigens. The core technology consists of proprietary amino acid changes in the monoclonal antibody CH3 domain to facilitate interaction of two distinct heavy chains. Proprietary amino acid changes are also introduced at the heavy-light chain interfaces to facilitate the correct pairing of the heavy chains with their respective cognate light chains. The different chains can be co-transfected into mammalian cells and the final bispecific antibodies are correctly assembled and secreted in high purity. Azymetric™ antibodies are compatible with glyco-engineering and other Fc modifications (e.g. the EFECT™ Platform) to enhance therapeutic activity.

Unlike many other bispecific platforms, the Azymetric™ platform is compatible with alternative antigen binding formats (e.g. Fabs, scFvs, and VHHs) and cytotoxic conjugates (e.g. ADCs). This flexibility allows us to quickly test different target biologies and mechanisms of action to identify the format with the best possible efficacy.