ZW33 Mechanisms of Action

ZW33 can potentially mediate its therapeutic effect on low HER2-expressing tumors by the bi-paratopic targeting of HER2 resulting in:

  • Enhanced toxin-mediated cytotoxicity and tumor growth inhibition due to increased HER2-mediated ADC internalization;

  • Increased ZW33-mediated HER2 internalization, which reduces HER2-mediated signaling and results in tumor growth inhibition and apoptosis;

  • Enhanced effector function-mediated cytotoxicity including ADCC, CDC and ADCP as a result of increased binding/decoration of the tumor cells by ZW33. Enhanced phagocytosis and presentation of HER2 antigen may also lead to increased immune targeting of the tumors; and

  • Increased blockade of ligand-dependent and ligand-independent tumor growth.

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