Zymeworks was incorporated in 2003 to address a need in the pharmaceutical and chemical markets that was not served by the existing protein simulation and engineering approaches. At the time, the market and scientific community were segregated into two very distinct approaches. The first approach included widely distributed, open-source academic projects that were advancing the science at a very rapid pace, however sometimes at the expense of commercially relevant concerns including usability, modularity, documentation, and an overall focus on the needs of pharmaceutical and chemical companies. The second approach included legacy in silico platforms that had been adapted for certain specific commercial purposes, but failed to capture recent advances in protein biochemistry or computing architecture.

Zymeworks addressed the shortcomings of both of these approaches. The ZymeCAD™ engine was designed and built from the ground up to be the most comprehensive platform for in silico protein modeling and engineering, incorporating advanced hot spot identification and mutagenesis tools in a modular and scalable platform. Today, Zymeworks has successfully leveraged the ZymeCAD™ engine into leading biologics platforms that enables the development of several therapeutic candidates.

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