Protein engineering and the use of molecular modeling and simulation: the case of heterodimeric Fc engineering.

Spreter Von Kreudenstein T, Lario PI, Dixit SB. 

Methods. 2014 Jan 1;65(1):77-94. doi: 10.1016/j.ymeth.2013.10.016.


Computational and structure guided methods can make significant contributions to the development of solutions for difficult protein engineering problems, including the optimization of next generation of engineered antibodies. In this paper, we describe a contemporary industrial antibody engineering program, based on hypothesis-driven in silico protein optimization method. The foundational concepts and methods of computational protein engineering are discussed, and an example of a computational modeling and structure-guided protein engineering workflow is provided for the design of best-in-class heterodimeric Fc with high purity and favorable biophysical properties. We present the engineering rationale as well as structural and functional characterization data on these engineered designs.