Platform Programs

Building on the ZymeCAD™ platform, Zymeworks’ antibody and alternative protein scaffold programs confer a clear competitive advantage in the field of biologics design and lead-candidate optimization. Zymeworks has advanced multiple proprietary antibody and protein therapeutics platform programs to meet the needs of patients, physicians and drug developers.

Zymeworks’ antibody and alternative protein therapeutic scaffold programs focus on optimizing or modifying key properties of the therapeutic candidates, including:

Bi-specificity Engineering antibodies to simultaneously target and bind to two distinct disease-specific targets or epitopes at the same time.
Multi-Valency Engineering alternative protein therapeutic scaffolds to simultaneously bind to two or more molecules, targets, or epitopes at the same time.
Effector Function Modulating antibody and immune cell activity (antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity) through tailored Fc-FcγR interactions.
HL‧Max™ Optimizing the length of time that the antibodies stay in the bloodstream through controlled Fc-FcRn interactions.

Zymeworks’ Platform programs resulted from advances in the field of structure-guided protein engineering, and the development of a unique strategy that utilizes the full-length molecule while providing the ability to modulate multiple functional properties on one framework.

The ZymeCAD™ platform has the ability to characterize conformational dynamics at the global and local level, and to predict and characterize hotspots throughout the protein, allowing Zymeworks’ protein engineers to mutate, analyze, rank and advance variants, and to transfer this insight between molecule.