Azymetric™ Scaffold

The Azymetric™ Scaffold is an IgG1-based heterodimeric antibody scaffold that consist of two different heavy chains engineered to exclusively assemble into a single molecule, allowing bi-specific binding to two different antigens or drug targets.

Zymeworks developed the Azymetric™ Scaffold by engineering proprietary amino acid changes in the CH3 region of the constant Fc domain of a native IgG1 class antibody. Aside from bi-specificity, the advantages of the Azymetric™ Scaffold include tailored effector function and optimized serum half-life.

Azymetric Comparison

Bi-specific antibodies exploit new and highly effective mechanisms of action by having the ability to simultaneously attack two synergistic disease targets. Additionally, bi-specific antibody therapeutics potentially allow drug-makers to combine two existing drugs used as a cocktail into one potent therapeutic.

Azymetric Dual Binding