Corporate Partners


Collaboration and licensing agreement with Celgene Corp. to develop bi-specific antibody therapeutics enabled using Zymeworks’ proprietary Azymetric™ platform. Under the terms of the agreement, Zymeworks and Celgene are collaborating on the research and development of multiple bi-specific antibodies with Celgene having the option to advance candidates into clinical development and commercialization. Zymeworks received an initial up-front payment as well as a significant equity investment from Celgene. Zymeworks is eligible to receive clinical, regulatory, and commercial milestones on successful candidates totaling up to US $164M per therapeutic candidate. Additionally, Zymeworks will receive royalties on worldwide net sales.


Collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company to develop bi-specific antibodies, using Zymeworks’ proprietary Azymetric™ platform, against multiple Lilly targets for immunotherapy and other applications. Under the terms of the agreement, Zymeworks has granted Lilly a worldwide license to the Azymetric™ platform to develop and commercialize therapeutic candidates in exchange for up to US $375 million in milestones and other payments, plus tiered sales royalties. In addition, Zymeworks received an initial up-front payment in the form of an equity investment.


Collaboration with Merck to develop bi-specific antibody therapeutics using Zymeworks’ Azymetric™ platform. Under the terms of the original agreement (2011) and the expanded collaboration (2014), Zymeworks has granted Merck, through a subsidiary, a worldwide license to develop and commercialize bi-specific antibodies generated through use of the Azymetric™ platform toward certain therapeutic targets. Both companies will collaborate to advance the technology platform and to progress bi-specific therapeutic antibody candidates in pre-clinical development with Merck responsible for clinical development and commercialization.

Past Corporate Partners


Collaboration to optimize an undisclosed antibody using Zymeworks' ZymeCAD™ suite of predictive protein engineering tools and XOMA's innovative Targeted Affinity Enhancement™ (TAE™) technology for antibody mutagenesis and optimization.


Collaboration to evaluate the application of Zymeworks' computational biotechnology and predictive protein engineering tools in the context of discovering promising new enzymes for use in DSM’s biocatalytic processes.


Zymeworks and SGI have partnered to make collaborative advancements in high performance scientific computing and research into parallel algorithms for molecular modeling.

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